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Design Build

Design Build

Delta Constructors’ design teams have provided detailed design and engineering services to a wide range of industrial markets. Our engineering teams can provide full Engineering, Procurement and Construction EPC services or Design Build and Design Assist services. Our experienced construction leadership personnel directly participate early in the project lifecycle, ensuring a high level of constructability with execution in mind. Early engagement with our team is key to safe, smooth, and efficient project completion.

Delta guarantees quality results from design to delivery. Our full range of integrated services takes your project from Engineering and Procurement Logistics directly into Construction. Our comprehensive approach ensures maximum efficiency, saving time and money. Our design personnel utilize inner-company collaboration to develop synergies and deliver on time, cost saving project solutions.


The Delta Design Build approach is grounded in the well-known Project Cost Influence Curve. As the timeline of a project progress, the ability to influence change dwindles while the cost of construction steadily increases. 

Our goal is simple: leverage our versatile construction and execution experience during conceptual design and planning to gain maximum efficiency and cost savings. Integrating these services allows us to quickly identify and resolve issues before they affect the project delivery.


Cost Influence Curve


Our Design Assist service is an economical choice in lieu of full-scale Design Build. Smaller projects, or an established owner/engineer can still benefit from opportunities introduced in early constructability or construction engagement.

We understand there are situations where targeted construction input and constructability reviews may only be required for a portion of the larger project. There may also be instances where engineering is kept internal, but unbiased 3rd party input is immensely valuable to ensure realistic execution expectations. Delta’s Constructability personnel can easily fill this gap. Our team has a proven record of working with and alongside Engineering and Design firms in a multitude of industries but is also capable of leveraging external partnerships/specialists for a lean delivery.


  • Engineering Services (Civil, Process, Structural, Mechanical, Electrical, Automation, Fire & Gas)
  • Detailed Design Support
  • Civil, Structural, Mechanical & Electrical Design Recommendations
  • Construction Management
  • Project Management Services
  • Constructability, 3D Model and Drawing Reviews
  • Planning, Estimating, Scheduling and Reporting
  • Conceptual, FEL and TIC Level Estimates and Schedules
  • Monte Carlo Simulation and Risk Analysis
  • Engineered Equipment Selection
  • Procurement Planning & Tracking
  • Logistics Support and Monitoring
  • Quality Control Procedure Development, Vendor Management, and Inspections
  • RFI’s and Change Management Support
  • Automation Engineering and Programing
  • Procedure Writing
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