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Delta Commissioning Services (DCS)

Our Capabilities

Delta’s commissioning team(s) are experienced, highly trained and proven. We support operators commissioning interest from early engagement during the design phase through functional check out and handover to startup teams. We will commission to the API 1FSC Compliance standard.

What Makes Us Different?

Our goal is to utilize a small team approach that has the right capabilities to complete your project. We plan and coordinate our work to best utilize time based on project scheduling and skill set requirements specific to your project.

Solutions for Industry Performance

Operators continue to seek solutions to mitigate project risk associated with facility startup delays.

77% of infrastructure projects are at least 40% late

55% of North America Oil and Gas projects experience project delays affecting startup.

Scope of Services

  • Pre-Commissioning and Commissioning Support across all trades
  • Program Development and Management (Pre-FEED and FEED design stages)
  • Completions Management
  • System Integration, Allen Bradley Rockwell Software Certified

Program Development and Management

  • FEED and Pre-FEED Startup planning and strategy
  • Develop budgets and use an earned value approach to report progress
  • Provide detailed systems identification and startup sequencing
  • Commissioning procedure development
  • Equipment vendor management, coordination, and scheduling


  • Rotating Equipment and alignment
  • Leak Testing & Flushing
  • First fill equipment lubricants and process fluids

Electrical & Instrumentation

  • Verification of wiring and calibration of all field equipment
  • Testing of all electrical distribution equipment adhering to ANSI/NETA ATS-2017 Standards at minimum
  • Completion of B Check Sheets

Past Projects

We have a wide variety of project experience in terms of scope, scale, and complexity.  Here are a few sample commissioning projects:

  • Developed system based sequence startup plan – 2 SAGD (Steam Assist Gravity Drain), Alberta, Canada — ConocoPhillips/Total.
  • Managed Hook Up and coordinated Commissioning Activities, Lucius and Heidelberg Offshore Platform, Gulf of Mexico — Anadarko
  • Integrated Commissioning Service (Construct and Commission) Greater Moose’s Tooth 1 (GMT1). System based approach for a 33 well site and tie-ins, North Slope, Alaska — ConocoPhillips
  • Integrated Commissioning Service (Construct and Commission) Moose Pad and L Pad. System based approach for a 58 well site and tie-ins, North Slope, Alaska - Hilcorp
  • Commissioning Services –
    • 150 MM SCFD Cryogenic Gas Plant – Oasis Petroleum
    • Salt Water Disposal and well sites– Anadarako, West Texas
    • Gas Compressor Stations – Oasis Petroleum, ND and XTO West Texas/New Mexico.
    • Tank Battery Sites – XTO and ConocoPhillips West Texas